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“When I became a teacher, I loved my kids. During parent teacher conferences, I only had good things to say, and if there was something bad, I’d try to make it into something good,” said Carmella Conway, OP.

“My dream is that there will be true peace in each person in the community; that we can live in harmony and look at the good in each one and be willing to praise and accept each one as they are, to believe in them and to trust them,” said William Mary Conway, OP.

“My dream is that our Community will be a living example of the peace and love the world is seeking,” wrote Sister Magdalena Conway, OP.

To look for the good in others and in all of creation is an early lesson for all Dominicans flowing from scriptures and the example of St. Dominic. This lesson was taken to heart by the three Conway Sisters from Allegan who all became Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids. This was evident in their joyful spirit and in the countless ways they loved the people they encountered in life.

Megan McElroy, OP writes of the Dominican way of being immersed in the scriptures and in the lives of God’s people: “In our study and prayer, we are, as one Sister said to me, to walk around inside the Word and let the Word walk around inside us, so that we might be transformed by and into this Word of Love. Transformed into this Word of Love, we are to be immersed in the lives of God’s People. In our common life and ministry, we are to walk alongside the people of God, so that we might know their cares and concerns, their hopes and dreams. Only then will we know what word needs to be preached.”

This past week, the last of these three sisters by birth and profession of religious life went home to God. We are grateful knowing that Sisters Magdalena, William Mary, and Carmella walked along side family, friends, students and educators– so many motivated by the creative teaching, bright smiles, and sense of humor these three Dominicans, three Conways, brought into their lives. It is in this knowledge that our Dominican Community of Sisters celebrate everlasting life. “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.” Psalm 118:24

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