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Feature Photo ( left to right) Prioress Sandra Delgado, OP, Vicaress Joan Williams, OP, Councilor Maureen Geary, OP, Councilor Megan McElroy, OP

On Sunday, July 1 in Dominican Chapel at Marywood, the community welcomed the 2018-2024 Leadership Team of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids: Prioress Sandra Delgado, OP, Vicaress Joan Williams, OP, Councilor Maureen Geary, OP, and Councilor Megan McElroy, OP were installed to their new offices surrounded by Sisters, Associates, family, friends, and employees.

Photo ( left to right) Prioress Sandra Delgado, OP, Councilor Megan McElroy, OP, Vicaress Joan Williams, OP, Councilor Maureen Geary, OP

It was in March 2018, that the Congregation gathered for Chapter where members set strategic direction and elect the Prioress and Council who will lead the Congregation for six years. These four vowed women religious move forward from the body of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids into the role of Leadership. They were called forth, elected by their Sisters, to contribute their gifts for the good of the mission. Learn more about each by visiting their Sister Pages Prioress Sandra Delgado, OPVicaress Joan Williams, OP, Councilor Maureen Geary, OP; Councilor Megan McElroy, OP.

On Saturday, June 30, Sisters, Associates, family, friends, and employees celebrated the gifts shared by the former Leadership Team (2012-2018) at a special evening prayer in Dominican Chapel at Marywood. Prioress Maureen Geary, OP, Vicaress Sandra Delgado, OP, Councilor Lucianne Siers, OP, and Councilor Mary Ann Barrett, OP begin new ministries after July 1. Visit June 30, 2018 2012-2018 LT Photo Gallery

The term, Chapter, originated during Dominic de Guzman’s lifetime. Chapter was established as a gathering, a point in time, when the work of the Order was carried out, in democratic format as a self-governing, participative body. `What is Dominican about this kind of democracy is that it is primarily concerned with the needs of the mission rather than the will of the majority: our democracy is only Dominican if our debating and voting is an attempt to hear the Word of God summoning us to walk in the way of discipleship,’ characterized Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, former Master of the Order of Preachers


Our congregation, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, is an apostolic community of vowed women religious. We are rooted in both the Word of God and the Dominican tradition of the Catholic Church. Each Sister gives her life promising to live in service to the Church and world. Through prayer, study, community, and service, we share Christ’s message — redemptive love that reflects God’s desire for a just world. Our hope is to continue opening ourselves to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit — and to be a flame of truth, love, hope, and mercy.

“We see first the common ground of our humanity, and allow our differences only to enrich, and not to disparage. In all of our undertakings, we will notice first and foremost the human person before us.” (DSGR Corporate Stance 1999) Learn more about the history of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids.

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