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God’s Quiet Call to Consecrated Life – Sister Marie Carla Moggenborg OP

My Vocation Story

Perhaps, like Jesus, our question of wonderment that we might ask ourselves might be, “Who do others say that I am?” This question requires a mature and thoughtful answer.

I knew nothing about religious life while growing up in rural central Michigan. Our family was faith-filled; on Sunday mornings we went to early Mass so we could get home to tend the livestock. We attended catechism classes and were present at devotions offered in our parish. We gathered after each evening’s meal to recite the rosary together. We learned to help — our parents, our siblings, our neighbors.

My dream was to become a teacher. I worked heard and was awarded a college scholarship. I was thrilled to think my childhood dream was coming true.

Then during my freshman year at Central Michigan University, I heard that quiet inner voice I came to know as God’s. I tried without success to quiet that voice. Finally, I decided to investigate.

My first question was “Why me?” Then, “Where do I look?”

I had never even met a Sister before. Slowly I made plans to get information, tell my mother, and let my friends know what I was thinking.

On September 8, 1962, my family drove to Marywood, the home of the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters. I stepped across the threshold into a life of blessings.

My life as a Sister has been such a blessing. I stand alongside women who seek to preach God’s word in their daily work — in classrooms, hospitals, prisons, and parishes. I have supported and been supported by these faith-filled women. I have taught in schools throughout Michigan, worked with the poor and the affluent. I have listened to, prayed with, and ministered to many.

I cannot imagine my life being anything other than what it is and what it will be.

I pray that each person listens for the nudges in their life. Prayer and contemplative activities abound and they are wonderful paths to deepen spirituality. Perhaps you, too, will discern a vowed life.