• Advent O Antiphons Evening Prayer (Online)

    Advent O Antiphons Evening Prayer (Online)

    December 15, 2022

    Join the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids for Advent O Antiphons Evening Prayer from December 17-23. The O Antiphons are short, Scripture-based Advent prayers from the Middle Ages that are part of the prayer of the Church in the Liturgy of the Hours. Each year, the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids host this beautiful seven-night experience of prayer, song, […]

  • Advent 2021

    Advent 2021

    November 28, 2021

    Advent summons us to the beginning. The lavishness of God’s compassion and mercy frame yet another year for us. With the arrival of Advent’s first Sunday, we attend to this mystery one more time. … Our Christian tradition proclaims this as both an event already accomplished in human history and an event moving toward fulfillment […]