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“All will be well. And all manner of things will be well.” ~ Julian of Norwich

The ten years since my 50th jubilee have passed quickly; filled with joyous events, sorrowful events, and many ordinary days. All of the days have been filled with “the glory of God” as I travel on life’s joyful pilgrimage with God, with my Dominican Sisters, my birth family, and my friends.

These past ten years presented two major challenges. We moved from the large Marywood Motherhouse to the smaller building on campus. In my role as our congregational Librarian, I had the task of moving our Motherhouse library from the “old” Motherhouse building to the “new” Motherhouse. This task was a huge undertaking primarily because the library collection had to be reduced to a much smaller collection.

Sr. Mary Pat at the new Marywood Community Library.

The second challenge was moving from a Marywood apartment to a new apartment at 601 Spring Avenue NE. My tasks included deciding which furniture to move, packing, tagging furniture and boxes.

Travelling on in new settings.

Sister Mary Pat Beatty (seated center) celebrates her 60th Jubilee with (left to right): Associate Sonja Visser, Sister Margaret Hillary, Sister Phyllis Klonowski, and Associate Gloria Switzer.