“All will be well. And all manner of things will be well.”

~ Julian of Norwich

Jubilarian 2023 – 60 Years a Sister

The ten years since my 50th jubilee have passed quickly; filled with joyous events, sorrowful events, and many ordinary days. All of the days have been filled with “the glory of God” as I travel on life’s joyful pilgrimage with God, with my Dominican Sisters, my birth family, and my friends.

I entered the congregation on September 8, 1962, the summer after graduation from S.S. Peter and Paul High School in Saginaw, Michigan. I have served in a number of different ministries; primarily as a librarian and bookstore manager. I also ministered as a Pastoral Associate in two parishes; S.S. Peter and Paul in Ionia, Michigan and at St. Agnes in Flint, Michigan.

Through all my years in community, I participated in organizations that are committed to peace and justice, on congregational committees such as Global Concerns and Culture of Peace, and as a member of Pax Christi USA/Michigan/Grand Rapids.

These past ten years presented two major challenges. We moved from the large Marywood Motherhouse to the smaller building on campus. In my role as our congregational Librarian, I had the task of moving our Motherhouse library from the “old” Motherhouse building to the “new” Motherhouse. This task was a huge undertaking primarily because the library collection had to be reduced to a much smaller collection.

The second challenge was moving from a Marywood apartment to a new apartment at 601 Spring Avenue NE. My tasks included deciding which furniture to move, packing, tagging furniture and boxes.

Travelling on in new settings.