SisterRose Seraphine Sagorski

I thank God for the many graces, family, classmates and friends who have journeyed with me these 75 years. Besides teaching, caring for the elderly
and sick as a nurse aide, I am still able to help as a volunteer in the Mail Room. The past is over, the future is in God’s plan and may He bless each day now.

Louise Anna Sagorski, born April 22, 1917, was the youngest of eight children of Vincent and Albina Sagorski. The special attention of parents steeped in appreciation of their faith helped create a loving family.

Louise came to Marywood from the ninth grade in Sand Lake, Michigan, graduated from Marywood Academy and entered the Grand Rapids Dominicans. She made her final profession as Sister Rose Seraphine of the Sacred Heart in 1940. Sister Rose Seraphine taught elementary school for a total of forty years: ten years in New Mexico and thirty years in Michigan.

After completing her MA in Theology through the Aquinas College AIRS (Aquinas Institute of Religious Studies) summer program, she longed to serve people who were sick and aging. She began to minister in home care at St. Stephen and Sacred Heart parishes in Grand Rapids, and later continued this service for elderly Sisters at the House of Studies and Aquinata Hall. Sister Rose Seraphine now lives at Marywood. For many years, she rose early to assist in the mail room. Today, her prayer and presence are bright as her bright smile matches the abundance of her energetic service.

2018 – 84 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for Holy Father and all vowed religious

Sr Rose Seraphine Sagorski with her class in New Mexico.

“…Sisters of “Nunsense” were based on Dominican Sisters who taught me up in Alma, Michigan. Our Mother Superior was Sister Vincent DePaul. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we came to Marywood to film the opening sequences of the A&E Television Special of “Nunsence” featuring 52 Dominican Sisters dressed in the habits. Sister Rose Seraphine played her delightful, mighty feisty self.” – Dan Goggin

Sister Rose Seraphine visits with a music student from St. Patrick Parnell Parish.

Sr. Rose Seraphine Sagorski had a surprise visitor, Dan Goggin, in June 2015.

Sr Rose Saraphine Sagorski OP celebrated her 75th Jubilee as a Dominican Sister in 2010. She assisted in the mail room at Marywood for a number of years.Sr Rose Seraphine Sagorski OP