For the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids, art is another contemplative expression of spirituality.

Throughout Marywood, inside and outside, you will find sculpture, photography, and paintings collected and created by the Sisters.

The Art Gallery at Dominican Center features ever-changing exhibits of evocative works of art. “We celebrate West Michigan artists as they capture images of life in varied mediums,” says Sr. Francetta McCann, curator.

Photographer Sister Francetta McCann OP

Through February, the curator is bringing enjoyment to visitors with her own photography exhibit. Artist Reb Roberts visited and upon seeing the works commented: “It is amazing that you are using film and able to have your hands touch the whole process from the beginning, including hand-tinting the images.”

“I hope to convey a prayerful spirit through nature and people… the beauty of nature is before us and we must not only find it but compose it and communicate it through the lens for others to enjoy and ponder,” says Sr. Francetta.

About her attraction to photography, Sr. Francetta says, “There is a real sense of communing and interdependence between God, humanity, and the Earth., which allows one to visualize the harmony of our world.”

About the act of photography,: “Often when photographing, I go to a sacred place to ponder, listen to the world around me, pray, and let the image before me become my prayer that image that is connected to me, and the beauty of God’s Earth.”

Photography 1 Francetta McCann

About the art of photography: “The subject matter determine the format of the work I exhibit. Most of my work has been processed in a dark room; much is in black and white. For some prints, I do a solution with selenium toning, and for others I hand color part of the image using Marshal oils and pencils. This process is what was used before color film was invented.”

Enjoy the art of Sister Francetta McCann through February at the Art Gallery at Dominican Center at Marywood. Meet the artist and enjoy time with friends at a reception on Sunday, February 9 from 1:00-4:00pm.