I entered from Saint Mary’s of Redford Parish in Detroit, Michigan.

My first encounter with the Grand Rapids Dominicans was while I was in Nursing Training in Pontiac, MI. Sister Ann Francis Erndt, who was also in Nursing Training, invited me to make a retreat at Marywood. My second encounter was in Ann Arbor, MI where I worked as a nurse at the Veteran’s Hospital. Several Dominican Sisters came to visit their brothers and fathers who were patients. What attracted me was their sense of being “real, wholesome” Sisters with a deep sense of joy and a prayerful spirit. The Lord has given me an interesting road to travel during these past 60 years in community. My ministries included Nursing at Albuquerque, NM, at Nazareth Hospital and El Centro California Nursing Home.

I came back to Grand Rapids and worked in the inner city. I worked at Heartside Ministry and Rose Haven ministering to women who are enslaved in prostitution, trafficking, and drugs. I was working the streets and visiting jails where I did group sessions and assessments to place women in a recovery home.

My interests are the Fine Arts, Music and Photography, Sports, and Love of Nature.

I thank God for my Community and all of you who have touched my life these past 60 years. I thank my parents and friends who gave me support and prayers. I am proud to say I am part of you –
a Grand Rapids Dominican!