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Scripture tells us that each human being is precious in the eyes of God; named before we were even born. Seeing one another through Christ’s eyes and treating each other as Christ would is our precious gift back to God and to one another.

Sister Sandra Delgado, OP, listens closely to Sister Therese Rodriguez, OP.

As Dominicans, we strive to live contemplatively. For it is from within this deep listening that we hear the whisper of God’s voice and feel God’s love. We believe that just as our relationship with God grows through prayer and contemplation, deep listening and dialogue enriches relationships among all people. It is during the times of deep listening that we come to know the love that God has for us personally and for each human being. This is when transformation happens in the very core of our being.

Practicing deep listening is something all Dominicans learn, especially our Sisters who minister as spiritual directors, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. They agree that it is one of the richest gifts we have to offer to another human being. This gift has helped bring about the transformation of the hurting and fragile women and men our Sisters have served through the ages.

During this time in our nation, we invite each person to contemplate truth and transformation. We invite you to sit in silence. Invite God into this quiet space. Together, let’s contemplate how our prayers can bring about healing in our nation, our world, and in each of God’s precious people.