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Enkindle within us the fire of your love.

Acts 2:3 — Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit spread through their ranks and to fill them with his life and power.

Isaiah 64:8 — Still, God, you are our Father. We’re the clay and you’re our potter: All of us are what you made us.  (See also Jeremiah 18)

“What fire does not destroy, it hardens.” — Oscar Wilde

CANTICLE OF THE SUN ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Praised be You my Lord through Brother Fire,
through whom You light the night:
he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong.

How Did Deforestation Affect the Fires in Brazil and the Amazon?
The Amazon rainforest covers 1.4 billion acres and spans eight South American countries. It holds roughly 40% of Earth’s remaining tropical forest. Millions of species of plants, animals, and insects live in the Amazon basin, along with over 30 million humans.9The climate of the region is warm and wet. Fire is not a part of the rainforest’s natural cycle, but the agricultural and cattle industries.

Continue reflecting on the elements….

Air, Water, Fire, Earth