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“Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light.” ~ John 3:21

Easter Blessings from the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids

Let’s put Preaching to Work

Preaching is our charism—a gift of the Holy Spirit we cultivate and put in action to serve God.

Let us allGrow in Love

It is a mission to be in right relationship—with community, with family and friends, and with our Creator.


Our congregation, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, is an apostolic community of vowed women religious.

We respond to a call to live our commitment made in baptism: to grow in the love of God.

Through ministry, community, study, and prayer we share Christ’s message — redemptive love that reflects God’s desire for a just world. Our hope is to continue opening ourselves to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit — and to be a flame of truth, love, hope, and mercy.

We commit ourselves to the prophetic call of Religious Life. We pledge to hold the needs and concerns of all in a contemplative space, in the heart of a loving and ever faithful God.
We collaborate in and sponsor ministries that seek to correct injustices and to effect systemic change for the common good.

In a world crying out for a sense of community and spirituality and in response to the transformation occurring in Dominican life, we affirm our union and communion with each other as we participate in, help shape, and support emerging structural changes.

We commit ourselves to encountering and seeking the Holy in ourselves, in each other, and in people of all cultures, lifestyles, and economic status.

We commit ourselves to seek right relationships with Earth, its creatures and climate through conversion of mind and heart, understanding that the Universe is sacred and interconnected.


We welcome God's timeless love, commissioning us to be the Body of Christ blessed and broken. ~ Mary Ann Barrett OP

Our Ministries

We share with others the Word of God — words of life and hope — through our ministries and presence.

Be With Us

Life is abundant with blessings. And one of the greatest blessings is the opportunity to spend time in relationship with God and others in community.

Our Marywood Campus

The Marywood Campus is the Motherhouse of the Grand Rapids Dominican Congregation. This oasis of 34 acres in the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has long served as an inviting place for ministries of assembly, worship, learning, meditation, art, respite and healing.

Our Sisters

Each Sister has a story uniquely her own. She has woven her threads of fabric into a vibrant tapestry made brilliant by the lives of Sisters who came before, the lives of those present today, and the lives of those who will follow.

A Life of Vocation

In living our mission: to praise, to bless, to preach… our very lives are a testimony to what we have seen and heard in Christ. We live, making space in our hearts and lives to be of service to others. Might God be calling you?

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