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Friday 6:00-8:00 pm; Sept 21, 2018

Let there be peace on Earth… let it begin with me.

The World Peace Flame is a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration. The World Peace Flame offers the inspiration that we as individuals do and can make a difference to this world by our thoughts, actions and words. It is a reminder that we should never give up hope and never stop making the effort to create peace.

At 6:00 pm on Friday, September 21, Alex Beecroft, firekeeper, will light the Flame of Peace at Dominican Center at Marywood. Until 8:00 pm, Alex will keep watch over the flame as we invite others into this space to pray and meditate.

We invite you to breathe in peace and breath out peace, joining your breath with that of others in the space — and others holding vigil on this day around the world.

Use the mantra “Let there be peace on Earth… let it begin with me.” Or, use a prayer or mantra of your own.

If you cannot be with us at this time, consider turning off the light in your office or home, light a candle, and set an intention of peace for yourself and for others on this World Day of Peace.

Come for as long as you can — 5 minutes or the full 2 hours. Wear comfortable clothes. Pillows and chairs will be available, or bring your own cushion.

[tbx_button class=”btn lbrown-bg blue-text” href=”″ text=”Sign Up” target=”_blank” wrapper=”true”] There is no cost to attend, we ask you to sign up to help us plan and accommodate our guests comfortably. Thank you.

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About the World Peace Flame

The World Peace Flame (WPF) has been burning since July 1999, when seven flames, lit by eminent peacemakers on five continents were flown by military and commercial aircraft to the United Kingdom. United into one… On 31st July they were brought together and united into one flame in Bangor, North Wales. It has now been lit in every country of the world. The flame is still being passed from person to person and lit by thousands of people daily as a dedication to peace. The now legendary World Peace Flame, a universal symbol for global peace and unity, is bringing hope to millions of people worldwide.

[tbx_pullquote text=”Our dream is as simple as it is ambitious:
one flame uniting people all over the world.”] (More)

This image is from a triptych and book entitled EMANATIONS by Larry Hales on exhibit at Dominican Center.