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UrbietOrdiUrbi et Orbi premiered from Manila on October 12–14, 2021—the fifth Dominican colloquium on preaching sponsored by the Dominican Preaching Network, a global community of three Dominican Schools of Preaching: Aquinas Institute of Theology (USA), the Institut für Pastoralhomiletik (Germany), and the Institute of Preaching (Philippines).

The following videos are now available for viewing.

  • Preaching Hope in a Time of Pandemic; Fr. Girard Francisco Timoner III, OP, Master of the Order
  • Dominicans and Lay Catholic Preaching; Professor Ann Garrido, DMin
  • The Preaching of the Nuns: the Secret Fruit of Contemplation; Sr. Barbara Beaumont, OP
  • The Mystery of Grace: In My Weakness Is My Strength; Sr. Margaret Mayce OP