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Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids

November 23, 2022, Grand Rapids, Michigan – How long, O Lord, will we have to say yet again that our hearts are heavy with the senseless killings and injuries resulting from gun violence? Our hearts are broken and our eyes weep for families who face the absence of loved ones around their tables and/or the months and years of recovery from injury. Such acts of violence are horrific, unacceptable, and shockingly commonplace, and they must stop. Our elected leaders and the electorate – every one of us – must seriously enact sensible gun laws to prevent these tragedies.

As we enter the Advent season this Sunday, we pray that the Spirit of the Prince of Peace, whose birth we await at Christmas, will infuse our hearts and minds, so that we as a nation will live into the peace that Jesus offers and find the courage to turn despair into light, death into life, hatred into love.


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