November 21, 2022, Grand Rapids, Michigan – Our hearts are heavy and outraged yet again at another mass shooting resulting in five deaths and multiple injured – this one directed at the LBGTQ+ community in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Saturday evening. We pray for those who were killed and injured and for their families who are mourning. Such tragic injuries and loss of life grievously wound our society and each of us, even as they devastate the families of those who were injured or murdered.

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids condemn hate and discrimination in all its forms whether against the LGBTQ community or people who are Black, Latino, Indigenous, or Asian-American. Such prejudice diminishes all of us. Any conversation or activity that contributes to division, hatred, violence, or disrespect of another human being hurts all of us as a human family. We pray that people relate to each other with the dignity and respect that is their due as persons made in the image and likeness of God.

We also call for responsible gun ownership in the United States. We urge stricter licensing, educational requirements, and a national background check for gun ownership. We believe this will reduce the number of deaths and injuries from guns and secure the right to personal safety. We urge our elected officials in Michigan and nationally to adopt such legislation before another situation like Colorado Springs erupts.

We Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids see first the common ground of our humanity and allow our differences only to enrich and not to disparage. During this week of Thanksgiving, we call on all people to join with us in seeking the transformation of our society from one of violence to one of peace that desires the good of and for all.

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