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July 16, 2019 STATEMENT by the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids (MI)

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids have adopted and seek to live by a statement entitled We Stand and Preach Against Racism, Hate and Violence. It reads, in part:

“The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids condemn racism. Hate and discrimination diminish us all.

“The Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids stand against harmful rhetoric and actions that result in fear and evoke hatred in our cities and neighborhoods.

“Any conversation or activity that contributes to division, hatred, violence, or disrespect of another human being hurts all of us as a human family.

“We, as Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, see first the common ground of our humanity and allow our differences only to enrich, not to disparage. In all of our undertakings, we will notice first and foremost the human person before us.”

AND SO WE PLEAD with all of our elected leaders, beginning with the President, to do two things:

• PLEASE STOP! End the harmful statements that inflame and hurt.

• PLEASE START! Use your voices to name our COMMON ground, our COMMON dignity, our COMMON humanity.

You can lead by example – a good example. See the human persons before you!

This is why you were elected. This is what your positions demand. This is what our nation and our world deserve.

Finally, we call upon all people to embrace dialogue that seeks understanding and acceptance of differences and diversity. This is who we are meant to be. This is what will define us as a nation. This is what our nation and our world deserve.


NOTE: For more about our Congregation directions and corporate stances, please visit our website