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Ministry Visit with Srs. Joan and Joyce Williams, OP in Honduras, Dec. 2014

Photos and Note from Sr. Joyce Williams, OP

I had the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Years in Honduras with Sister Joan and Sister Doris Regan. It was a blessed time for me accompanying Joan and Doris to their places of ministry. There are two experiences that were significant for me this visit. One was the opportunity to visit a set of triplet boys that were born on the 7th of December. They were only 21 days of age when we saw them. The Newspaper carried an article on the 12th of the month and gave the area where they lived. Two members of the Dominican Laity took us and Sr. Doris. Victor, our chauffeur, asked people along the way for directions, especially the last few miles. It was a two hour trip and some of the roads were quite impassable. Amazingly, the family welcomed us with open arms. Before we left, the mother of the triplets asked us if we would like to hold the babies. We each took our turn with one or the other. They are so little; two are a couple of ounces over five pounds and the other only five pounds. We took a supply of diapers, marked 0-3 months but they will no doubt be too big for a time. Also we took a supply of beans, rice, flour and sugar along with baby formula. The family is very poor with two older children ages 9 and 4. The grandmother and her younger daughter are helping with the care of the baby boys. The babies are healthy and we hope that they will survive their humble setting. The parents are very happy with the new births. Needless to say, we were very happy and blessed to have had the opportunity to visit them and share some little portion of our life. Witnessing the poverty in Honduras is a humbling experience. Like Joan and Doris said, “There is no middle class in Honduras; there are the rich and the poor.”

The second experience was that of accompanying Joan and Doris to the prison for Christmas and New Years Eve liturgies. Bishop Angel Garachana Pérez, C.M.F. traditionally presides at the prison on the eve of large feasts. Sister Joan is in charge of the music and Sister Doris assists with readers and other ministries. The prisoners are always encouraged to participate.There is such appreciation on the part of the prisoners. Both of these feasts were visiting days and so many family members were present as well. The bishop is so comfortable with the prison environment and you witness and experience his ability to connect with the prisoners with much love and affection.

Pictured below: Srs. Joyce and Joan, two of a set of triplets in our Congregation, visited a family in Honduras who recently welcomed their own set of triplets. At left, Sister Joyce Williams OP and (right) Sister Joan Williams OP cuddles with two of the babes in the home of this family.


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