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As you may guess, I will not let cancer erase my humor and will welcome anything and all that evokes laughter even though I admit this is not, in itself, a laughing matter. But I firmly believe as Karl Barth more famously said, “Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God.”  I won’t stop affirming that view.

– Sr. Sue Tracy, Dominican Sister, Staff Chaplain at Spectrum Health, and Public Speaker

These are the words that welcome others into Sr. Sue Tracy’s Blog. It’s a window into her battles with cancer as well as a window into the lives of many who have, or are currently, traveling this path. Her reflections and words of wisdom are as much for individuals fighting what she calls “the little c” as for the friends and families searching for the right words or deeds or the right timing to support a loved one. Her path is lit by “the big C, Christ” and it’s a journey that has lit the way for many. Visit Sr. Sue’s Blog. Please feel free to pass on a link to her cancer learnings and reflections.

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