Sr. Donna Jean helps Sr. Julia Mae Groulx sort through some of her family photos.

“I will give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with all my heart and I will glorify your name forever. Great has been your kindness to me.” ~ Psalm 86: 12-13

Seventy years seems like a long time to be committed to a ministry of service to others, but that is what I have been privileged as a Grand Rapids Dominican to do.

My mother was a teacher and used to tell interesting stories of her years as a teacher; and my own experience of having good teachers, I think, prompted me to gladly accept teaching as my first ministry. For 43 years I taught and was Principal in eight schools mainly in the Grand Rapids Diocese. Some years during summer breaks I volunteered doing different kinds of work. A few summers I helped out at Aquinata Hall, so in 1997 when I was asked to take the position of Common Life Coordinator, I didn’t hesitate to accept the position. It is a privilege to serve our Sisters and others whose health and age no longer permit them to do what they once could do.

Both teaching and working at Aquinata Hall have helped me stretch my abilities for which I am very grateful. I often remind myself how blessed I am and have been because of my trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Sisters Elizabeth Amman, Linda Thiel, and Gennie Galka celebrate Sr. Donna Jean’s 70th Jubilee.