SisterOrlanda Leyba

I marvel at the richly diverse direction my life has taken as a result of humbly acknowledging that God knows best. I have treasured life in a variety of ministries and lived life to the full. With Mary I proclaim, “You, the Almighty, have done great things for me, and Holy is your Name.”

I was privileged to be born in Penasco, NM, a place that heightened and nurtured my senses and allowed me to delight in everything around me. The simplicity yet glorious blessings of this mountainous valley and the gift of a large family steeped in religious values were blessings that continue to nourish me. Countless hours playing with a friend under a bounteous yellow rosebush allowed my imagination to soar with total abandon to the here and now. And, out of nowhere, a strange tug to my heart, a mystifying invitation to consider life as a vowed Religious led me to Marywood. Fifty years later, I bow in humble gratitude before my Creator for inviting me to weave my life with my Dominican Sisters. As in my youth, my life has been richly blessed with the diverse multitude of people and experiences that have blossomed in this new garden of my life.

Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results. -- James Allen

2022 – 59 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for teenagers

Sister Orlanda volunteers at Manna Community Meals, an organization sponsored by the Detroit Catholic Worker Community.

Sister Orlanda reminds so many that they are special in God’s eyes through her thoughtful messages and art.

Sister Orlanda’s photography and art captures the magnificence of all of God’s creation.

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