SisterOrlanda Leyba

“I came that you may have life and have it abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

Jubilarian 2023 – 60 Years a Sister

Mystery envelops my mind as I ponder my abundantly graced life journey.

Mystery at being born in a valley (Penasco, NM) where I was blessed with an extensive, loving family, a grounding in a faith that carries and guides me to this day, and a love of nature that infuses my prayer and provides nourishment for my art and writing experiences.

Mystery of an unexpected call to vowed life, away from the familiar and “re-birth” into a completely unfamiliar way of life. A life that, ever so subtly, so patiently, so gently has guided me to an abundance of blessings that have allowed me to interact with school children, the poor unhoused, and so many dear families and friends, all who have enriched my life.

Mystery of arriving at this moment of Jubilee, 60 years a Dominican, where I ponder my unexpected journey of daily blessings that continue to astound and humble me.

Mystery indeed that from the first breath of my life I have been given life in abundance from a God who never stops loving me into existence. For all that has been, I am forever grateful.

2023 – 60 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for teenagers

Sister Orlanda volunteers at Manna Community Meals, an organization sponsored by the Detroit Catholic Worker Community.

Sister Orlanda reminds so many that they are special in God’s eyes through her thoughtful messages and art.

Sister Orlanda’s photography and art captures the magnificence of all of God’s creation.

The blessings of my 3rd Age have sparked untapped creativity of the Arts with which to spontaneously gift self and others.

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