“Here I am Lord; I Come to Do Your Will.”

This scripture theme was used for the celebration at the time of my first profession in 1972. It still rings true today. Who knows the will of God? I search in Scripture, tradition and personal experience to follow God’s will for me and all Creation. Thomas Merton’s insight reassures me: “The desire to please God does in fact please Him.” I pray that I will always have the desire to do God’s will.

A s the ninth of ten children of Anna and George Rostar, I was born in Muskegon and belonged to Sacred Heart Parish. I was taught by Dominican Sisters from first grade through graduation at Aquinas College. When I came to Marywood, I was surprised to be enrolled in college for I just wanted to be a Sister and had not given a thought to furthering my education. Little did I know then how the joy of learning would continue forever!

I was thrilled when I was able to study theology at Mundelein College in Chicago . . . right on my lake, for Lake Michigan has always been very special to me.
So it is too, that the cottage in Muskegon is a place of blessing for me. Here I find a space for retreat, prayer and pondering.

From elementary grades to adults, teaching in one venue or another has been my profession all of these fifty years. The classroom teaching experience expanded with parish ministry and RCIA – both enriched me and helped me develop skills beyond those of the classroom environment.

Most recently, working with immigrants has been both rewarding and heart breaking. Life has come full circle as I recall that my parents came from Slovakia and learned English here in Michigan. Now I am teaching English to speakers of other languages who have come to this country. In this I find deep joy as I witness their ability to express themselves more effectively, find work and better their lives here in America. The circle is complete; the good work continues; trusting that this is God’s will, I give great thanks for these years.