Wondering what one word would be the net large enough to describe more than 50 years as a Dominican Sister I have chosen GRATITUDE; for parents loving me into life, my vocation, “my” HS students, women discerning their call to vowed Dominican life, the Community of Holy Rosary Parish where I served and continue currently, gratitude for the privilege of witnessing those who come seeking healing and wholeness in their lives. I am filled with gratitude too, for friends and family, my Dominican sisters and my Silva sisters, who bless my life with their goodness and love.

I am from Caleruega, land of castles, Moors,
mosques and aqueducts,
Birth too of my father Dominic.

I am from Sienna, cobbled stoned streets,
Home of my mother Catherine,
Echoing still her challenge to power.
I am from Ratisbon, house of prayer
And pioneering women of courage,
Called to leave all that was home.

I am from Michigan, land of stunning autumns,
Winter wonderland seasons and
Resurrection springs of life abundant.

I am from Nuevo Mejico, Land of Enchantment,
Hot sun, immense skies that fill your soul,
Mountains, bosques and the Rio Grande.

I am from Belen, Bethlehem,
Town and people without fame.
Here… It is here, I first delighted in Incarnation,
God with us.