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Sister Mary Stauder keeps pizzas and meatballs in the freezer. Just in case.

As pastoral assistant at St. Ignatius Mission Parish, she provides religious education and RCIA, takes communion to to the housebound, atends deanery meetings and takes care of some of the needs that arise when the pastor is away at missions in Arlee and Jocko. Sister Mary also arranges for people to provide dinner for middle and high school kids who gather at St. Ignatius Mission Parish on Wednesdays. And if those arrangements fall through at the last minute, she can quickly get pizzas or meatballs to the table.

It was over lunch in Grand Rapids that Sister Margaret piqued Sister Mary’s inter­est in coming to Montana. Access to Glacier and Yellowstone national parks was part of the appeal, said Sister Mary, who ranks outdoor pursuits and reading historical novels high on her list of favorites.

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