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The staff call her the “Hospital Detective”. The families she brings together at patients’ bedsides say she is simply a blessing.

Sr Joyce Williams Recognition

Sister Joyce says teamwork is what makes St. Louis University Hospital special. Sister Joyce provided pastoral care for nearly 20 years at this Level 1 Trauma Center, supporting others during times of crisis and illness.

At St. Louis University Hospital, staff chaplain Sister Joyce Williams, is known for her skill at uncovering clues and connecting the dots to help find the next of kin for patients who are unable to communicate.

Dominican Sisters are known for their ability to transform hardship into success, through study, perseverance, and prayer. Sister Joyce employs all of these tools in her hospital work.

With each person who needs her assistance, Sister Joyce imagines the patient is one of her own twelve siblings, alone and unable to speak – it inspires her to keep investigating until she finds the right connection. Along the way, she offers calm and confident support to trauma patients and their families during countless crisis situations at the busy medical center.

In this way Sister Joyce helps transform and bless – through love, comfort, and dedicated perseverance – the hospital and those they serve.