Sr Marie Michael Jacobs St Andrews 25 Years

Sister Marie Michael Jacobs once wanted to be a missionary nurse, improv­ing the lot of others in far-off lands. It was the grace of God, she figures, that led her to another sort of mission in the heart of Grand Rapids: administering education to the children of St. Andrew’s School.

In her 18th year at St. Andrews, in 1986, she was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education National Distinguished Principals Program. Jacobs was nominated by the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Sister Rosemary Smith, then diocesan assistant superintendent, said Jacobs has made “contributions to not only the well­being of the educational community, but to the community at large.”

“The learning environment at St. Andrew’s is extraordinary,” said Smith. “I really attribute that to her acuity in being able to hire teachers that are just su­perb.” An emphasis on close teacher-parent relationships has been a cornerstone of Jacobs’ administrative policy since she came to the school at 302 Sheldon Ave. SE in 1968. A member of the Marywood Dominicans and a graduate of Aquinas College, her interest changed from nurs­ing to teaching after working in an inner­city school in Saginaw.

Sister Marie Michael Jacobs entered eternal life on September 5, 2018 at the age of 88 after 69 years of religious life. We commend Sister to your prayers. Read obituary and more about her life as a Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids and about her ministries.