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She visits an average of 35-56 patients every weekday at McLaren Bay Regional Hospital in Bay City, Michigan. She coordinates the chaplaincy for weekends. Sister Jean Karen Woloszyk’s goal is to make sure that every Catholic patient receives the sacraments during their stay. She also helps keep parishes informed when parishioners are receiving care at McLaren and are in need of Anointing of the Sick.

Sister Jean Karen Woloszyk
Sister Jean Karen Woloszyk (third from left) with the Chaplain Covenant team at Mclaren Bay Regional Hospital in Bay City.

She credits Dominican Sisters for their compassionate presence and for challenging her academically and spiritually during her childhood and teens. “In 1962 I answered the call to become a Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids. Never did I dream that my life would give me the opportunity to share my God-given gifts of teaching, administration, and now chaplaincy. I have been privileged to companion with so many.”

“For I was sick and you visited me.”

— Matthew 25:36

“The opportunity to be part of people’s lives has enriched my life greatly. I have been met with situations that have required me to rely on my faith, prayer, and compassion to guide me; yet, never has there been a day in which I didn’t wake up to enjoy being in ministry. Ministry teaches me how precious this life is in this wonderful world.”