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My parents and siblings never dreamt I would choose religious life, and were as surprised as I was of my calling. My parents, did, however, teach me how to pray and listen to God’s voice within.

Dolorita Martinez OP
Sister Dolorita ministered for many years providing Spiritual Direction to others in Women of Grace, Mujer en Gracia, a program where women stand in solidarity with women, recognizing holiness in one another by sharing Scripture and personal lives. Now living in Grand Rapids, Sister Dolorita is a tutor for WORD ESL and teaches scripture classes at Holy Name in Wyoming, Michigan.

“When I was 19, after a year of college, I felt the call. At first, I responded to an invitation to “Come and See.” This type of event is typically a day or weekend hosted by a Congregation for young women who want more information about vowed life,” writes Dolorita Martinez, OP, describing her vocation story.

I wasn’t immediately sure that this was the vocation that God wanted for me or more honesty, that it was what I wanted. My discernment has been an ongoing journey of faith, I continue to seek, to discover and rediscover who Jesus is and who I am, so as to deepen our relationship.

I celebrated my 60th Jubilee as a vowed Religious in 2016. I continue my journey of faith. I hope that through the years I have learned to live my life with greater love, simplicity, and integrity.

As I reflect in gratitude on the many blessings in my life as a Sister, I have come to discover God’s loving mercy and an unfolding plan for my life. I am especially grateful for the many opportunities for ministry that have allowed me to share my personal gifts in many diverse communities and locations.

It warms my heart to know that other young women, discerning a call to religious life, continue to explore Vocation and attend Come & See Weekends at Marywood.

Enjoy more of my vocation story and those of other Sisters by clicking on my photograph below.