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In these days leading up to Thanksgiving, we contemplate God’s many blessings, shared day in and day out. 

“We pray today in Gratitude and Hope”

For family and friends who en-courage us,
For messengers of God who re-direct us,
For our Body’s healing power,
For the gifts of neighbors freely shared,
For strangers who awaken us to newness,
For the response-ibility to steward creation,
For the call to hear and heal
the pain, the abuse, the rejection,
the invisibility of our sisters and brothers.
For all countries seeking liberty and justice for all.

Our hearts are full, yet we make space
For Your Gifts this day, O Generous God.
Our desire is to imitate Your Largess,
Your Presence, Your Sensitivity,
Your Delight in Your Created World,
Your Mercy and Justice.

Bless us, O God, and these Your gifts…

~ Mary Ann Barrett, OP

At prayer St Francis Garden Prayer & Meditation Grand Rapids
Sister Doris Faber at prayer in St. Francis of Assisi Sculpture Garden for Prayer and Meditation. Know you are always welcome to quiet your mind in this peaceful place on Marywood Campus in Grand Rapids. We appreciate the art of Sculptor Mic Carlson and this sacred space project of Instruments of Hope.