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Discerning Vowed Religious Life

“At Aquinas I met the Dominican Sisters for the first time. I loved their joy and the delight they seemed to bring to each other,” says Sister Alice Wittenbach.

“At the end of my Freshman year, I went to the Priest to tell him I thought I should go to the Convent, with the hope they would reject me and send me home. He told me that was no way to respond to a Religious vocation and to pray about it. A year later, God won out. I entered the Dominican Sisters as a College Junior, searching for that part of my life which had always seemed lacking. That decision has made all the difference in my life.”

And Sister Alice’s decision to become a vowed Dominican Sister has influenced so many lives. She has spent a lifetime sharing her knowledge and sense of wonder for the natural environment, seeding environmentally conscious thinkers by teaching scientific theory and shining light on environmental issues.

Enjoy this video short with Sr. Alice Wittenbach as she describes her discernment to enter religious life.
Thank you to Aquinas Saint Lindsey Bacingel.

Happy 70th Jubilee, Sister Alice!

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