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“…Walk just as Jesus walked.” 1 John 2:6

by Mary Ann Barrett, OP

Like Jesus,
Walk around and learn from
Nature and Human nature.

Like Jesus,
Walk with God and risk
Misunderstanding and rejection.

Like Jesus,
Walk with friends
As companions and mutual guides.

Like Jesus,
Walk with the crowds
To feed, to heal, to question.

Like Jesus,
Walk with people who are
hungry, seeking, “lost.”

Like Jesus,
Walk into controversy
Confident that words would be given.

Like Jesus,
Walk into crises
That need Truth and Light.

Like Jesus,
Pray and discern before
Major decisions.

Like Jesus,
Meet fear, sorrow, and
Division wherever it exists.

Walk with God and welcome
Conversion and forgiveness.

Walk with God into Mystery
with confidence,
with trust,
with humility,
with courage.
Just keep walking.

Above all, just keep walking.