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Raelynn Stein: Jubilarian 2024 ~ 25 Years an Associate

By June 6, 2024No Comments

Reflecting on the past twenty-five years of being a Dominican Associate, it is easy to see how God used me to spread the Dominican charism. Being a Catholic educator, I encountered students, parents, and staff members hungry for a smile and a positive message. Since recent retirement, I seek opportunities to continue to praise, to preach, and to bless.

I look to my mother now, as she inspired me to live my life rooted in faith. She and my father taught me to pray as a child, and how to use the talents and gifts God has given me to bless others. My mom mentored me through the study and process of becoming part of this community, encouraging me to grow in my spirituality. Thank you, Charmaine and Raymond Kulczyk for blessing my life.

My teaching career was a vocation for me. Each day I prayed I could show less of me and more of Jesus to those I encountered. I taught at St. Mary’s of Hannah with two Sisters who warmly accepted me and encouraged my growth. Thank you, Sister Geneva Marie Schuab, for your guidance. Thank you, Sister Dorena Gonzalez, for never being too busy to listen, to serve, and to share her joy!

Recently I retired, after 32 years being an educator in Catholic schools. I search for ways to live the Gospel. I allowed myself to slow down and look closer to my family. I am blessed with a supportive husband of 41 years, three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren.

In my daily prayers, I ask Jesus to help me see with his eyes the opportunities in my day to spread His message of love. May my eyes and my heart be open to His ways as I continue this journey.