God of all People,
We pray for peace today and every day,
especially for the people of Ukraine.

Send your Spirit of wisdom upon our world leaders.
May the decisions they make be in the interest of all Earth’s citizens.

Send your Spirit of compassion upon those who bear arms.
May they turn instead to reconciliation and dialogue.

Send your Spirit of healing upon those who are injured.
May they know your touch through the hands of those who care for them.

Send your Spirit of welcome upon those who are killed in this act of war.
May they know the embrace of your love.

Send your Spirit of consolation on those who have lost loved ones.
May they know comfort in your promise that one day they will see them again.

Send your Spirit of protection on those who have lost their homes.
May they find shelter and security.

Send your Spirit of hospitality upon all nations.
May they welcome refugees into their midst.

Send your Spirit of hope upon your world.
May we live into your vision of a future of justice and peace.