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CHAPTER is the time during which the Congregational business of elections and Constitution review occurs for the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids. Every six years, there is a change in the Leadership Team.  A newly elected Leadership Team steps forward to lead the mission and life of the Congregation. Members of the former Leadership Team, unless re-elected, step back from their leadership role into congregation life.

Chapter is a time for us to put our trust in God who is the Source of All Being, Eternal Word, and Holy Spirit; to reflect on how our God has been present with us, among us, and before us in every age; to look to the wisdom of the past; and to seek the wisdom of our future as we reflect on the signs of the times presently impacting our Congregation and our world. Through deep listening, contemplative dialogue, and trusting in the Spirit, we will discern together the direction we will take for the sake of the mission.

The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters will be in Chapter March 3-10. We humbly ask for your prayers.

Holy God,
we come to you on behalf of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids.

As they engage the process of Chapter this week,
embolden them to enter more deeply
into your Great Love.

Encourage them to keep the flame of wisdom
burning bright in their hearts
as they discern the mission
to which you call them.

Enliven them to preach the Word
you entrust to them
that those who receive this Word
may know your Love more deeply.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus
and in the power of the Holy Spirit.



Q: Why is there an election? What does this have to do with spirituality and life of Sisters?

A: A democratic structure was a radical innovation when the Order of Preachers was founded in the 13th century by Dominic de Guzman! Today, Dominicans embrace this same sense of community… which acknowledges the value of all persons and the interrelatedness of all creation.

Q: But what do Sisters DO during Chapter?

A: “It’s a lot of open dialogue about the governance of the Congregation and lives of the Sisters,” said Prioress Sr. Sandra Delgado.

More formally stated, “According to the Constitution of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids (paragraph 81): “The proper work of the General Chapter is to…

  • preserve the spiritual heritage of the congregation;
  • to elect the prioress and council;
  • to review the Constitution and Statutes;
  • to review the quality of life and mission of the congregation;
  • and to set goals and directions for the congregation in keeping with the Gospel, the charism of Saint Dominic and the needs of the times.”

Q: When does the new Leadership Team take office?

A: While celebrations will take place on the June 29 and 30 weekend for the convenience of guests, the new team begins it’s term on July 1, 2024.