This day, the Source of Light has enlightened the minds of all disciples by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. May the wondrous flame which hovered over the disciples cleanse our hearts from every evil and permeate us with purifying light.

Pentecost Petitions

                1. That the Spirit of Wisdom may live in us: to kindle passion for what is vital and faithful.
                2. That the Spirit of Understanding may live in us: to hear others and see diversity as a strength.
                3. That the Spirit of Right Judgment may live in us: to grant human rights to all people and to model non-violent behavior.
                4. That the Spirit of Courage may live in us: to speak the truth and accept the challenge of the gospel.
                5. That the Spirit of Knowledge may live in us: to give us the insight to preach God’s Word in all that we say and do.
                6. That the Spirit of Reverence may live in us: to respect and care for all living things as brothers and sisters.
                7. That the Spirit of Wonder may live in us: to see the beauty that surrounds us.

Spirit brooding over creation, power of the Incarnation, Rushing Wind and Pentecostal Fire, You are forever creating.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who enflames our hearts, enlightens our minds, and inspires us to all that is good.

The whole earth is alive with God’s glory!