“God’s faithfulness is without end.”

~ Psalm 117

I was born at home in Coopersville, MI and was raised on a farm with three brothers. We attended a one room, nine grades (K-8), one teacher, country public school with our neighbors. Our Parish was Saint Michael’s in Dennison (now Coopersville). Religious formation began at home followed by one hour after Sunday Mass where two senior girls from Mt. Mercy came to help us memorize our Catechism. Every June two Mercy Sisters came for two weeks to prepare us to celebrate the sacraments. Later, we were all enrolled in a by-mail program called Religion Correspondence Course directed by Dominicans. After expressing my desire to be a Sister, I came to be an aspirant so I could learn what Sisters were all about.

September 8, 1957, I entered as a postulant. After profession, a few of us went to study nursing. September 1960, I became an LPN and completed RN studies in June of 1985. As a nurse, I ministered in many specialized fields, with my last 27 years being End Stage Renal Disease. Currently, I am a member of the Pastoral Care Team at Marywood Health Center and Spiritual Care Companioning in the home.

I am grateful for the many opportunities and blessings that I’ve had throughout these 60 years and for all of the support I have received along the way.