This fall, at the request of an anonymous donor and longtime friend of Sister Aquinas, the addition to Albertus Magnus Hall of Science will bear the name Sister Aquinas Weber Hall.

The lead donor for the new science building project did not want his own name on the building. Instead, he wished the new addition to bear the name of a woman he has known and admired for many years, and who, in many ways, has made Aquinas College what it is today.

With typical humility, Sister Aquinas says, “I don’t need my name on a building. It’s more important what I’ve done here.”

For over 70 years, Sister Aquinas has been influential in the development of Aquinas College and West Michigan. Currently Chancellor Emerita, she has held an important role in fundraising for the College for many decades, developing professional and personal relationships with the Grand Rapids business community for the benefit of the College. Her philosophy is that “relationships are the foundation of fundraising. That has always been true and it remains true.” Sister takes a genuine interest in the families, children and even grandchildren of the people she associates with for the College.

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