The rain garden located on Lakeside Drive is undergoing maintenance and repair for 2-3 weeks in December 2021 and January 2022.

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids appreciate the use of rain gardens as ecologically responsible techniques to manage rainwater and run off from paved surfaces including the road and nearby parking lot.

“For some time we have been experiencing issues with silt, bank erosion, and other issues that have prevented the rain garden from working properly. The current maintenance and repair to the rain garden will restore it to its original function,” said Phil Hall, Maintenance and Grounds Manager for the Congregation’s Marywood Campus at the corner of Fulton Avenue and Lakeside Drive in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What is the point of a rain garden?

A rain garden is a depressed area in the landscape that collects rain water from a roof, driveway or street and allows it to soak into the ground. Planted with grasses and flowering perennials, rain gardens can be a cost effective and beautiful way to reduce runoff from your property. Source