Each of our Justice Committees welcomes Sisters, Associates, and Friends to respond to a call for justice.

Would you like to learn more? A good first step is to contact our Justice Promoter or talk with a committee member and find out about the committee’s work.

Care of Earth Committee

That’s our core group of Care of Earth Committee members in the photo above. It’s through their efforts that we identify areas of concern or need in West Michigan. They help with research, formulate messages, and plan and coordinate activities that engage individuals and organizations in calling for justice for Earth.

Caring for our common home is a Dominican Value. In fact, since 1992, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids have been engaged in care of earth initiatives in support of our Relationship with the Earth Direction Statement:

We commit ourselves to foster the contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected; respect and accountability for the earth are necessary to the survival of life. We affirm that actions which impact the environment will be preceded by the question: Is this action which I (we) are performing supportive of the environment?

Other Dominican Justice Committees

Find out which of our committees is recruiting, contact Justice Promoter Sr. Brigid Clingman.