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On Thursday, July 18 at 10:00am, Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids, Dominican Associates, and friends of the Congregation are invited to gather for a Prayer Service in Dominican Chapel/Marywood, 2025 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49507.

We realize not everybody is able to join us for this time of Prayerful Action as we call for the United States to put an immediate end to inhumane policies that separate families and harm children. But we hope you will  consider other actions that are meaningful to you.

Pray. Study. Use Your Voice. On July 18

  • Call the White House to say NO to inhumane policies that separate families and harm children.
  • Call your national legislators.
  • Write a letter or email.

Following are sample messages suggested by the collaborative for Catholic Action for Immigrant Children:  As a person of faith, I am calling today to strongly oppose our U.S. government’s efforts to hold children in dangerous detention centers, and separate immigrant families at the border and in communities around the country.  Family is sacred—it is the cornerstone of our church and our community and must be protected. The Administration’s policies have led to the tragic deaths of seven children and are traumatizing a whole generation of children.Guided by our Catholic faith and our national values, I affirm the dignity of all people and our call to love our neighbors. Every person, every family deserves stability and security.  I call upon our U.S. government policymakers and leaders to immediately end the unjust and immoral practice of jailing children and separating families.”

Learning to Be Present in a Chaotic World

The Dominican Order of Preachers preaches and teaches our Trinitarian God, whose very being-in relationship leads us to welcome others and experience the largesse of the love that God promises. Dominic de Guzman believed in following the energy of love, felt deeply inside of himself; a love so large as to encompass all the world’s people.

Hearing the preached words, “We are one in Christ”, we respond to the call to quest for relationship, for right relationship in all things. Through preaching and teaching, the Dominican charism calls members of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids to share Christ’s message.

Our hope is to continue opening ourselves to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit — and to be a flame of truth, love, hope, and mercy.

Our mission and ministries highlight our belief that every person holds within them the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Our Dominican Associates share our call to be a hopeful presence in the world. Their live into their faith through a rich mission statement: Touched by the Holy One, we journey in solidarity with the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids and with one another. Connecting and collaborating in Christian mission and spirituality, we embrace the Dominican charism ministering in joyful faith and compassionate love.
  •  Our faith formation, contemplative learning programs, retreats and more at
    Connect meaningfully with yourself and your faith through one or more of Dominican Center’s contemplative learning programs. Programs and events promote spiritual growth, relationship building, healing, and prayerful reflection, as well as awareness of justice issues and opportunities for interfaith dialogue.
  • 25 Years at Dominican Center at Marywood

A Message from Margarita Solis-Deal, Director of Dominican Center at Marywood

The vision for Dominican Center evolved out of the Sisters’ own contemplative quest for growth-ful communion with others. Dominican Center at Marywood is a special place where, with Dominican hospitality, we invite people of all faiths to gather and live into Dominican Spirituality. The pillars of our charism: prayer, common life, study, and service informed and continue to inform the Sister’s vision of a spirituality and conference center that welcomes others.

“The ideal we express through Dominican Center is a belief that in every person is a vessel for all that is good and holy in this world. That is the essence of what formation and transformation at Dominican Center is all about,” says Margarita Solis-Deal, director of Dominican Center.

“By laying the foundation for a spirituality center 25 years ago, the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids opened doors to encourage and inspire others to break down walls in order to open us to the Other (our living God) and the other (our neighbor),” says Maureen Geary, OP.

“This ministry of the Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids continues its quest to companion with others on their search for sacred quiet and connection with the deep Holiness who created us and bonds us to one another and the world,” says Margarita Solis-Deal, director of Dominican Center. “Our programs are intentional, reflective approaches to help people find their path to God’s love and grace.”

The invitation to be in union with God is always open. We are pleased to welcome all to attend programs where reflective listening, study and dialogue are gifts to be shared.

We see first the common ground of our humanity, and allow our differences only to enrich, and not to disparage. In all of our undertakings, we will notice first and foremost the human person before us. DSGR Corporate Stance 1999