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As we have in past years, we will move through Advent holding in prayer, study, and service our Dominican Family. We are called this year to be conscious of the mission and ministry in the Ukraine. So, we begin with the invitation from Fr. Gerard Timoner, the Master General along with a general introduction to the country of the Ukraine. (View invitation)

In this first week, we invite you to thoughtfully consider joining the Dominican Family during this Month of Peace as we learn more about the Ukraine, fraught with war since 2014, and the children impacted. Join us as we follow the Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community, service– as we support our Dominican brothers and sisters and their ministries serving the children of Ukraine.

The second week, we will explore the story of the Church in the Ukraine and the presence of the Dominican Family there since the 13th century. Read Week 2: The Church of Ukraine and the Dominican Presence

In week three, we will focus our attention on the St. Martin de Porres Center in Fastiv, which, for many years, has been caring for socially disadvantaged children: orphans, street children, sick children and children from disadvantaged families. Since the start of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, the Center has opened its doors to children whose childhood has been poisoned by war. It has adopted more than 220 children from the combat zone, and offered them psychological and spiritual support and the opportunity to recover in a safe environment. Read Week 3: St. Martin Center at Fastiv

The fourth week remains open to discovery but as it ends with Christmas Day, we invite all to join with us to financially contribute for the ongoing support the St. Martin DePorres Center. The main goal of the St. Martin Center is to provide comprehensive assistance to people in difficult and hopeless life circumstances, especially among the youngest and weakest children with disabilities. Prevention of child neglect, which is a continuation of the service of the House of St. Martin de Porres. In 2019, the center served 20,570 lunches for children who visit the Center, 150 children served by the rehabilitation clinic, and distributed 114,570 pounds of clothes collected and distributed to the children and others in need.

Finally, the Month of Peace will be celebrated on New Year’s Eve with a Vesper Service for the Church’s World Day of Peace on 1 January.