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A Nun’s Life host, Sister Maxine Kollasch, interviewed Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters Joan Williams and Orlanda Leyba asking them to respond to call-in questions about topics including: being Dominican, liturgical music, making God decide for us, called by God but feeling unprepared.

At, you’ll meet people of all ages, spiritual persuasions, and cultures, offering diverse perspectives to nurture our own lives and relationships with God.

The website at is a place where you can talk with Catholic sisters and nuns and lots of other people on topics such as spirituality, prayer, community, ministry, and more.

A Nun’s Lfe Ministry was founded by Catholic Sisters Maxine Kollasch and Julie Vieira in 2006. And even though A Nun’s Life Ministry isn’t just for nuns, you’ll find lots of sisters and nuns here, from a wide variety of congregations. The traditions of consecrated life have thrived for centuries, and they offer food for thought for everyone on spiritual journey today! This online faith community and nonprofit ministry reaches out with a pastoral presence to thousands of people worldwide each day.

Srs Joan Williams Orlanda Leyba Maxine Kollasch
Srs Joan Williams and Orlanda Leyba with A Nun’s Life host Sr. Maxine Kollasch.

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