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“I am passionate about sharing transformative study and reflection opportunities with people who are interested in and concerned about the health of our planet and people,” says Sr. Mary Catherine. “Today, during Laudato Si’ Celebration Week, I’m introducing a new video series about the seven closely related goals of the Laudato Si Action Platform.”

Pope Francis issued the encyclical letter Laudato Si, known in English as “On Care for Our Common Home” in 2015. For the fifth anniversary of the encyclical in 2020, the worldwide Laudato Si Action Platform was initiated with a coordinating Office in the Vatican. It calls all people of goodwill to work toward restoring the earth and healing relationships in our one human family by both developing and committing to a specific action plan with measurable outcomes. Groups as well as individuals are encouraged to be part of this worldwide plan.

Seven interlocking global goals guide the Laudato Si Action Platform in bringing about a better world for all creation.

Progress in any one of the goals has an impact, in varying degrees, on the other six goals. The seven interlocking goals or directions for action are:

  1.  Responding to the Cry of the Earth – Promote the care of the earth’s resources for now and for future generations.
  2.  Responding to the Cry of the Poor – Defend human life from conception to death with special attention given to vulnerable groups such as Indigenous communities, migrants, children at risk through slavery, and others.
  3.  Building Ecological Economics – Foster sustainable production and ethical consumption of goods.
  4.  Adopting Simple, Sustainable Lifestyles – Be moderate in the use of resources and energy.
  5.  Creating Ecological Education – Re-think and re-design educational curricula and educational institutional reform to create ecological awareness and action.
  6.  Recovering Ecological Spirituality – Recover a religious vision of God’s creation and encourage greater contact with the natural world in a spirit of wonder, praise, joy, and gratitude.
  7.  Promoting Community Action and Advocacy – Develop policies that protect our common home and all who share it by advocacy and people’s campaigns on local, regional, national  and international levels.

Watch the Videos

You can watch the videos — one by one — by clicking on the 1st video below. Or, watch the videos one-at-a-time using the arrows to scroll through the playlist in left corner of video to choose the video you want to watch.