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The Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids Inclusion Team exists to foster growth and transformation that creates, supports, and sustains a diverse, inclusive, and racially equitable culture on the Marywood campus.

We challenge ourselves to engage in the work of anti-racism. Periodically we’ll share resources from our discussions and invite you to consider them for your personal reflection. Joyce Ann Hertzig, OP offers today’s reflection.

Why proclaim “Black Lives Matter”?

  • Because “All” didn’t include black when our founders stated, “All men are created equal”. Our Constitution counted slaves as 3/5 a person until the Civil War.
  • Because “All” didn’t include black when saying, “Liberty and justice for all.” The 13th amendment abolished slavery, but Jim Crow laws legalized racial segregation to deny Black Americans rights for another 100 yrs.
  • Because today communities across our nation struggle defining, “All”. The struggle for racial justice is present within housing, healthcare, education, employment, and even voting. One current example: Black people are being hospitalized for COVID-19 at more than triple the rate of white people.

“Thomas Merton and Black Lives Matter,” presented by Catholic Theological Union Professor Dan Horan, OFM, uncovers the painful reality of systemic racism.