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The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids Pledge: Human Dignity

The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters believe that the normative, common element in the human family is our humanity. We affirm that all with whom we come into contact are entitled to the basic rights that common with our common humanity, and are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Ultimately, what is normative is to be human:

to be human – not to be male or female
to be human – not to be white or “of color”
to be human – not to be heterosexual or homosexual
to be human – not to be rich or poor
to be human – not to be educated or without formal education
to be human – not to be young or old
to be human – not to be English-speaking or of another language
to be human – and to be treated as such

We pledge to see first the common ground of our humanity, and to allow our differences only to enrich, and not to disparage us. In all of our undertakings, we will notice first and foremost the human person before us.

Action of Gathering Days on Racism, July 30, 1999

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