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Her Story: Sister Inspiration – Sr. Geneva Marie Schaub, OP

By November 11, 2017May 21st, 2024No Comments


The rosary that Sr. Geneva wears was given to her more than 50 years ago by Sr. Camilla. “She told me `hang on to it forever’.”

It was 1953 when Sr. Geneva Marie Schaub happened upon a couple of sisters repairing rosaries. She listened, and watched, and decided making and repairing rosaries “was important work”.

She describes some of the rosaries and people that she has touched. “Once, a women came to me with a rosary she had found in family belongings and asked if it was worth fixing. I ordered parts and carefully pieced it back together. When I returned it to her, I put a pamphlet, How to Pray the Rosary, in the box. She was just so moved; she said that throughout her life she was always unsure whether she was `doing it right’. Some time later, I ran into her and her husband, a non-Catholic. He said he read the pamphlet and tried praying the rosary. He tried it again. He said it brings him peace. It’s really a wonderful thing.”

Sr. Geneva Marie continues her ministry of mending rosaries for Sisters and lay people. She makes new rosaries as gifts for births and weddings.

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