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She is making a difference in the world as an art teacher.

Grand Rapids Dominican Sister Lucia Zapata teaches art classes five days a week to five grades of young artists in the city. This year, she is teaching at East Leonard Elementary and at St. Anthony through Shared Time that provides art, music, PE, computer, and language classes for schools who might not have the resources to offer these courses independently.

GRPS partners with the greater community to make sure students have high-quality learning experiences. Specialized lessons with organizations like the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Grand Rapids Symphony are an integrated part of getting kids engaged in the arts. “As a musician and student of liturgy, I’m extra excited about the Symphony,” affirms Sister Lucia.

And her fifth graders are extra excited too. “We got to see a movie that was kind of like a German Cinderella story with music and talked about our favorite parts in class,” says one enthusiastic boy. “We get to go to the Symphony! I’ve never been,” says another.

Other students chime in: “Sr. Lucia explains art. She cares about how good our work is.”

“She shows us how a mistake can make something better.”

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