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She was a little girl who used to say the Rosary everyday that she would be able to go to the convent. This very smart little girl had already worked her way through all the library books in her little country school when her parish priest approached her parents.

Sister Carmella Conway came to Marywood at 13 years of age. Her faith formation continued from youth into adulthood at Marywood Academy where she lived as an aspirant and attended school.

She went on to earn a BA from Aquinas College, an MA in Teaching Religion from Providence College in Rhode Island, and an MA in Educational Administration from Michigan State University.

After many years teaching in New Mexico, Sister Carmella returned to Michigan to teach junior high and high school religion at Marywood Academy and Catholic Central.

In her early 50s, Sister Carmella became the Director of Aspirants and later Director of Postulants at Marywood.

Today, at 94 years, her ministry includes praying for children with cancer. She has been lector at liturgical services, sings in the choir, and is an active member of her living group at Marywood.

Her kindness, smile, and storytelling are legend in this community of Sisters; her presence speaking volumes about her zest for life.

In her own words… “I loved learning. I went to a country school with a very small library. I read all the books. My teacher would give me materials to study. And then she would give me embroidery projects to do, then buy them back from me when they were finished to give me spending money. She was so kind and generous to me.

“When I became a teacher, I loved my kids. During parent teacher conferences, I only had good things to say, and if there was something bad, I’d try to make it into something good.”

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