“It was an evening of JOY! In the midst of dear friends, the heat was forgotten, and joy, joy, joy rose up all around us.” ~ Sr. Ann Walters

“It is wonderful to see all of you on our campus. It’s been a long time! We’ve missed your presence with us!” a tearful, heart-FULL Sr. Janet Brown said as she welcomed friends to prayer. “We are fed and nourished by your friendships.”

On Tuesday, June 21, we were delighted to welcome friends to our new Motherhouse. This event provided a time to:

  • Catch UP with one another.
  • Hear an UPdate from Prioress Sandra Delgado.
  • Pick UP info on ways to stay engaged.

We picnicked under the big tent. We filled UP on BBQ; we kicked it UP with live music from The Robin Connell Jazz Trio; and mixed it UP at the slushy station.


Dominican Associate Bob Sadowski spoke of his involvement with Dominican Life. Sister Sandra noted: “Bob, you have truly embraced your Dominican life! And we are overjoyed to have Bob and Mary and all of our Associates—and all of you—walking with us as together we keep the fire lit and burning bright.”

A Message from Bob Sadowski:
It’s good to be together!

“My wife Mary and I have been journeying with the Sisters for many years as friends, Associates, members of the Sunday Assembly, and also members of the Veritas Society for planned giving.

“It has been difficult these past few years keeping connections strong through Zoom meetings and emails rather than being able to spend time face to face with the community that we love.

“Now that the curtain of Covid separation is finally lifting, I think of Peter’s words at the Transfiguration: It is good to be here!

“It is good to be together, supporting the Dominican family!”



A Message from Sr. Sandra Delgado: You are part of this mission!

“Thank you for joining us today, here in front of our new Motherhouse to celebrate this next leg of our journey and our relationship with YOU,” said Sr. Sandra Delgado.

“We are overjoyed to have all of you walking with us as together we keep the fire lit and burning bright.

“Every day that we wake up, no matter how we feel, is a day to give thanks and praise to God. And it’s a day of mission. Not our own mission, but God’s. And what a wonderful thing that we are all in this together! Another good reason to give praise to God.

“And what does it mean to say that we are in mission? It means many things. One thing is that as followers of Christ, our lives are for Christ, and for service to one another and with one another. The four Dominican pillars say it all: prayer, study, community and service.

“As Dominican Sisters, we carry our mission with us wherever we go. From the Montana prairie to the high plains of New Mexico. From the streets of Chicago to the barrios of Chimbote, Peru. At Aquinata Hall and at Marywood. We carry the mission with us even when we only move across the parking lot. Yes, while many of us no longer have an active ministry, we remain in mission, as our very lives are a witness to the love God has for all humanity.

“And you good friends, you are part of this mission.

Even if you missed our summer evening, you can still join us in spirit and hear from Sr. Janet Brown, Sr. Sandra Delgado, and Associate Bob Sadowski. Click the video below to view the program.