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Each morning and night, Sisters gather in Chapel to pray the Psalms.

Through their formation and vowed lives, Sisters have learned to invite the holy in through prayer and reflection.

They, in turn, offer others the invitation to discover the holy, in people and in the everyday, through prayer, study, service, and community. It is Dominican practice to faithfully live these pillars so that life can be lived fully in God’s love.

“Dominican Center is, by intentional mission, a safe place to have the conversations that others in your immediate circle can’t or may not be willing to have,” says Sister Ann.

Today, Amy Kam is a presenter at Dominican Center. Amy leads Zentangle programs. “Zentangle is a non-verbal expression, on paper, of mindfulness. It’s helped a lot of people reduce their anxiety, and find focus. It helps you learn to be present in the moment; people find that very hard to do these days, and yet it’s very easy to do while you’re drawing. Doing Zentangle as prayer creates the space to experience in the core of our being: ‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’